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Terms And Conditions

Return Policy

Please check with the individual vendor to find out what thier return policy is prior to purchasing from them.

Payment and Sales Tax

All purchases are captured in CAD dollars on a VISA, MasterCard, American Express and may be subject to sales tax. All buyers will receive a confirmation email from the ShopCloseBuy when payment has been completed. 

Fixed Price Changes

ShopCloseBuy and its participating vendors reserve the right to terminate at any time and without notice any fixed price sales. ShopCloseBuy and its participating vendors also reserve the right to change posted quantities, remove from sale or re-offer items that were previously withdrawn. Posted closing times and displays of ShopCloseBuy's current time are approximate and based on Standard or Daylight Time in the time zone of the community it represents.

System Availability

ShopCloseBuy reserves the right to modify or discontinue the site with or without notice to its members. ShopCloseBuy shall not be liable to any member, vendor or buyer, in tort or in contract, should ShopCloseBuy exercise its right to modify or discontinue the site. ShopCloseBuy makes every effort to maintain 100% system availability, except during scheduled maintenance periods.