About Us

ShopCloseBuy is a shared, Community eCommerce and Marketing Platform developed to support the economic health and interdependence of communitiy businesses. We believe that strenghthening the business community as a whole benefits everyone and results in enhanced community economic development.  

ShopCloseBuy has been designed to highlight the goods and services of individual vendors or to view the offerings of All Vendors through the vendor drop down list. Integrated social media sharing drives traffic back to individual vendor offerings while at the same time cross-promoting other vendors on the platform. As a shared Community eCommerce platform, ShopCloseBuy promotes all that is available in a given community. It can be a "Shop Local" alternative to other eCommerce platforms that siphon local resources out of the community and/or it can be used to attract tourists to the area and entice non-residents to become customers.

There are 4 listing types available on ShopCloseBuy that support the inclusion of a wide range of vendors:

  1. Auction Listings
  2. Buy Now Listings (traditional eCommerce Shopping Cart purchases)
  3. Preorder Listings
  4. Promo ("Learn More") Listings

ShopCloseBuy is software developed by TechnicalitiesPlus Inc., a web design and application development company based in rural Haliburton County, Ontario.  Our mission is to create innovative web applications that alleviate social problems and help to create healthier and more sustainable communities.